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The great thing about ... jokes

Bei Twitter war kürzlich mal wieder ein nettes Mem zu beobachten. Es entstand eine Folge von „The great thing about $PROTOCOL jokes is $PROTOKOLLEIGENSCHAFT.“-Sätzen. Zu finden ist das Ganze unter dem Hashtag #protolol. Naja, lest selbst:

  • The great thing about TCP jokes is that you always get them.
  • The great thing about IP over Avian Carrier jokes is that if your joke gets fragmented, you at least get free dinner.
  • The great thing about WebDAV jokes is you can tell many different versions of the same joke and people will still listen.
  • The great thing about Zeroconf jokes is that you can just walk up to strangers and tell them, no introduction necessary.
  • The great thing about IPP jokes is that you always end up with a paper record of the joke in question.
  • The great thing about Nessus jokes is that they’re often inaccurate and poorly worded.
  • The great thing about rsync jokes is that it only tells them if you haven’t heard them before.
  • The great thing about bacterial transformation jokes is that there are always a lot of fungis involved.
  • The great thing about DHCP jokes is that you can lend them to others and take them back when you want.
  • The great thing about DNS jokes is that you don’t have to tell them with authority.
  • The great thing about BGP jokes? Anyone can claim they are their own, all you can do is hope your neighbours like them.
  • The great thing about nerdy jokes is that they follow a general pattern of self-referentiality that can be abstracted out.
  • The great thing about ASLR jokes is you never know where they’re going.
  • The great thing about antivirus jokes is you only need to change them a little and they’re funny again.
  • The great thing about encryption jokes is d0842c7091158f8a8e6c89ed0cf4ec07.
  • The great thing about gmail jokes is the chinese read them before you do.
  • The great thing about TLS jokes is that you can tell if it’s not original.
  • The great thing about XML jokes is that you can put anything into them.
  • The great thing about Java jokes is waiting for them to begin.
  • The great thing about Teredo jokes is that you can tell smart jokes even when surrounded by dumb peers.
  • The great thing about PGP email encryption jokes is that nobody can read their own encrypted email because it’s so unusable.
  • The great thing about RFC 862 jokes is the great thing about RFC 862 jokes.
  • The great thing about source routing jokes is that someone else get in trouble for telling them at your instigation.
  • The great thing about DNS jokes is that they work on so many levels.
  • The great thing about fragmentation jokes is
  • The great thing about IGMP jokes is that you can be selective in who gets them.
  • The great thing about ARP jokes is they’re unauthenticated.
  • The great thing about IPv6 jokes is that there are so many of them.
  • The great thing about ICMP error jokes is that nobody can ever reply to them.
  • The great thing about UDP jokes is that even if you don’t get them, nobody notices.
  • The worst part of SSH jokes is that, even when they’re not funny, you suck it up and just pretend they were anyway.
  • The best thing about XMPP jokes is that you can tell when they’re available.
  • The problem with greylisting jokes is, that you always have to tell them twice.
  • The sad thing about Kerberos jokes is that you first have to buy a ticket to join the laughter.
  • The problem with PGP jokes is that you need to gain everybody’s trust before they can laugh with it.
  • The best GFW jokes are inaccessible from China.
  • The sad thing about IPv6 jokes is that almost no one understands them and no one is using them yet.
  • The best thing about proprietary protocol jokes is REDACTED. 
  • The best thing about SMTP jokes is, you had me at HELO. 
  • The best part about WAF jokes is there are a hundred ways to tell them, and everyone is sure to get them.
  • The problem with git jokes is everyone has their own version.
  • Everybody loves MitM jokes. Well, everybody except Alice and Bob that is.
  • The worst thing about Perl jokes is that next morning you can’t understand why they seemed so funny.
  • I don’t make SQLi jokes myself, I get them FROM USERS.
  • The good thing about OTR jokes is that you forget the punchline afterwards.
  • The best thing about Skype jokes is the ridiculous lengths they’ll go to, to be told at all.
  • The best thing about mathematical jokes is left as an exercise for the reader.
  • The best thing about Twitter API jokes is that you can only make 100 of them per hour.
  • The problem with 802.11 jokes is that somebody far away is always listening.
  • The problem with BGP jokes is the need for a local default joke, just in case you reject all of the other jokes coming in!
  • The problem with telling NTP jokes is that you’re constantly adjusting your timing.
  • The worst thing about HTML jokes is that your audience doesn’t always GET it.
  • The good thing about pure functional jokes is, telling them has no side effects.
  • The good thing about Twitter jokes is they’re so short.
  • The problem with ASCII jokes is having to leave out the good bits.
  • The bad thing about DVCS jokes is they’re all clones of each other …
  • The best part about a CISSP joke, is you don’t have to know anything about security to get it.
  • The problem with CSS jokes is that everyone understands them differently.
  • The great thing about integer overflow jokes is that GCC doesn’t think they’re funny.
  • The problem with standards jokes is that there are so many to choose from.
  • The problem with IPv4 jokes is there aren’t enough for everyone.
  • The problem with dining cryptographers network jokes is that you never know who told them.
  • The problem with DRM jokes is that you can’t share them with your friends.
  • The best part about TTL jokes is that they can only be told so many times.
  • The problem with anonymity jokes is that any jackass can take the credit for them.
  • The problem with TCP jokes is that people keep retelling them slower until you get them.
  • The bad thing about Turing machine jokes is you never can tell when they’re over.
  • The great thing about HTML jokes is that you’re never quite sure when they end.
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