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OpenSSL 1.0 ist fertig

Man höre und staune: Heute wurde OpenSSL 1.0 veröffentlicht. Aus der Meldung:

The OpenSSL project team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.0 of our open source toolkit for SSL/TLS. This new OpenSSL version is a major release and incorporates many new features as well as major fixes compared to 0.9.8n. For a complete list of changes, please see

The most significant changes are:

  • RFC3280 path validation: sufficient to process PKITS tests.
  • Integrated support for PVK files and keyblobs.
  • Change default private key format to PKCS#8.
  • CMS support: able to process all examples in RFC4134
  • Streaming ASN1 encode support for PKCS#7 and CMS.
  • Multiple signer and signer add support for PKCS#7 and CMS.
  • ASN1 printing support.
  • Whirlpool hash algorithm added.
  • RFC3161 time stamp support.
  • New generalised public key API supporting ENGINE based algorithms.
  • New generalised public key API utilities.
  • New ENGINE supporting GOST algorithms.
  • SSL/TLS GOST ciphersuite support.
  • PKCS#7 and CMS GOST support.
  • RFC4279 PSK ciphersuite support.
  • Supported points format extension for ECC ciphersuites.
  • ecdsa-with-SHA224/256/384/512 signature types.
  • dsa-with-SHA224 and dsa-with-SHA256 signature types.
  • Opaque PRF Input TLS extension support.
  • Updated time routines to avoid OS limitations.


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Rainer on :

Subversion (oder richtiger: neon) läßt sich nicht gegen das neue openssl linken :-(

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